With a brand motto of by riders for riders, KRUSH is stoked to team up with Caroline to create her own signature product that encapsulated her unique style in a fun and quality bike cleaning maintenance product.

KRUSH SHINE Protection takes the best of the much loved KRUSH After Wash Spray, and adds Caroline’s design and style prowess, including an all new playful bubble gum scent.

Available for order in stores NOW, Carolines KRUSH SHINE PROTECTION delivers a performance edge and some cosmetic horsepower.

I am super proud to drop KRUSH SHINE PROTECTION a limited edition spray designed to not only protect your bikes but make them look brand new again.

In my career I have been asked, do you have any superstitions? I have always said not really…but I do believe in cosmetic horsepower! That If you look good, you feel good and you ultimately ride good.

Collaborating with Aussie brands is something I am passionate about.. So aligning KRUSH into my success recipe and team behind the dream is pure home grown biking goodness from down under!

Adding to KRUSHs collection of bike wash, degreaser, chain lube etc.. SHINE is the finishing touch to spray and wipe on leaving a shiny but not slippery, factory finish.

The bubble gum scented smell I hope evokes those childhood, good ol day memories and is a nice reminder for your next ride that, you don’t have to…you get to! So enjoy the ride.

I hope you love SHINE.. and that you show up and shine on your next ride! Caroline Buchanan

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